To achieve amendment success “California Registered Voters” must get involved . Without your involvement and contributions we will fail.

CATS (LAW) request your help to obtain contact information from California registered voters, (Family and Friends) who are interested in amendment to California's "Three Strikes" Law, so that it will only apply to serious and violent criminal offenses.

We also seek amendment to California's State Constitution so that slavery is illegal everywhere in the state of California. Specifically in our penal system.

CATS (LAW)'s goal is to obtain one million five hundred thousand registered California voters contact information (Name addresses and telephone number,) who are interested amendment.

Cats (LAW) will process the contact information for delivery to professional signature gathering companies. Signature gathering companies will contact interested parties with "Three Strikes Reform" initiatives and petitions for review and signature.

With pre-gathered contact information, potential petition signatures are now on location and simplified for gathering.

One million five hundred thousand contacts could be obtained and in our data base on the first day of our allotted time to obtain petition signatures that qualify the "Three Strikes" reform initiative to be a ballot initiative for vote. One hundred fifty days is the time allotted to gather petition signatures to qualify an initiative to be on the next election ballot or special election ballot.

To achieve gathering one million five hundred thousand contacts successfully, CATS (LAW)'s request is of 250 California registered voters' within 44 California designated cities join CATS (LAW)'s membership and vow to ask 100 friends or family registered to vote the question below!

“Are you interested in amending California's "Three Strikes" Law and Constitution?"

Those answering yes ! are requested to provide their name, address and telephone number, to CATS Member. CATS Members are to turn the contacts into CATS (LAW) main office in Beverly Hills CA. CATS (LAW) will then process the contact information for delivery to a professional signature gathering company.

CATS (LAW) DOESN'T WANT YOU TO GATHER PETITION SIGATURES; Professional Signature Gathers Will Do That. We want contacts interested in "Three Strikes" amendment.

Join CATS (LAW)'s membership constituency to share a unified field of awareness for amendment of California's "Three Strikes Law.

If you have time volunteer to arrange meetings in your cities with others residing there interested in amendment to California's "Three Strikes Law." Upon your request CATS (LAW)''s representative will attend your meeting and present the CATS (LAW) plan to all interested parties.

Please visit catslaw.org and click “Events.” There you will find CATS (LAW)'s schedule of events.  

Divinely inspired and victoriously anointed to succeed.

CW Smith, President CATS (LAW) Inc.