About CATS (LAW), Inc.


CATS (LAW) is a nonprofit organization established to rally Californians with vital information. Focally, our objective is to expose the issues surrounding California’s “Three Strikes” Law, to empower the people of California with logistic and financial facts. We believe our work will provide focused information for a huge number of Californians who are uninformed about this issue. The CATS (LAW) Organization has made available statistics for Californians to be armed with the whole truth, information to become knowledgeable to make informed voting investments “FOR” or “AGAINST” proposed measures and programs, specifically California “Three Strikes” Law. Many Californian voters state in prior elections they cast their vote on “Three Strikes” measures after skimming the title and summary “Keep violent criminals off California street.” Since that time, compassionate and financially responsible Californians have discovered they were not fully informed before making their voting decisions.


We promote our cause in three phases. Each phase is promoted in English and Spanish language through various means, including printed literature, US Mail, email, phone calls, Internet web site, sound recordings, and video for television ads.  In Phase I, CATS (LAW) will address and mail Vital Facts & Statistical from California’s Department of Corrections and CATS (LAW)’S “Three Strikes Survey” to 36 million Californian registered voters.  Each recipient is requested to complete CATS (LAW)’S survey “FOR” or “AGAINST” California’s “Three Strikes” Law. The survey information is vital to inform California voters, simultaneously obtaining the “Three Strikes” research “FOR” or “AGAINST” prior to the primary election of June 8, 2010.


We suggest that Californians voters seek and be aware of all initiatives, specifically those pertaining to California taxpayer dollars and the “Three Strikes” law.


In California, approximately 3,000 inmates have received at least a 25-years-to-life prison sentence for nonviolent offenses. African-Americans and Latinos have received 73% of the mandated “Three Strikes” sentences under California’s law as opposed to Whites in Los Angeles County. There are no time limits on strikes. A crime committed 50 years ago where the criminal served his sentence can count as a strike today!. This law costs us approximately one billion dollars each year to incarcerate nonviolent offenders.  As of today, because of “Three Strikes” Law mandated sentences, 65% of California’s prison population is nonviolent offenders.


Need CATS (LAW) Addresses

In 1994, nationwide attention focused on “Three Strikes” sentencing laws. At that time, California voters approved an initiative by majority vote, mandating prison terms of 25-years-to-life for violent, heinous, repeat felony offenders convicted of a third felony.


In California’s 2004 election, California voters defeated reform initiatives. Many California voters say they were misinformed and led to believe violent, heinous, three time felons would have been released from California prisons. In reality, no inmate would have been released without jurisdictional process. The amendment would have qualified sentences affecting non-violent, non-serious offenders, who have received mandated twenty-five-years-to-life prison sentences for a third non-violent offense, to be corrected by reexamining that case. The correction, re-sentencing, and/or release could only have happened by jurisdictional proceeding.

Today, California’s “Three Strikes” Law doubles the minimum sentence for two-time felons, and mandates sentences of twenty-five-years-to-life in prison for any third offense. Examples of non-violent offenses that have resulted in mandated twenty-five-years-to-life sentences under California’s “Three Strikes” Law are:


·        Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

·        Stealing a candy bar

·        Stealing a bottle of vitamins

·        Stealing three cookies

·        Stealing a bicycle

·        Stealing a spare tire

·        Drug possession

·        Weapons possession


California’s “Three Strikes” Law mandates sentencing  non-violent  petty criminals to twenty-five-years-to-life prison terms. It costs as much as one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars ($175K) annually to provide housing and medical care for one non-violent, non-serious inmate. The average cost is approximately ($45k). The extended cost of the 3,000 plus non-violent inmates incarcerated under the current Three Strikes Law exceeds 3 trillion dollars! Seventy-three percent of California’s prison population is comprised of African-Americans and Latinos.  This incarceration rate is not proportionate to the African-American and Latino population in California

Prisons are guaranteed payment of taxpayer’s dollars to house these offenders for at least twenty-five years to life.  According to the department of correction to house and medical cost for one inmate is more than $175K annually.  This equates to a monthly breakdown of $14,583.33.


The law generates California state property ownership of non-violent, non-serious, petty  criminals, for extended long periods of time.


Project Description

CATS (LAW) proposes a plan to provide information to Californians about California’s “Three Strikes” Law.  Our objective is to inform Californians of “Three Strikes” original intent, and then inform the people of California about reports from California Department of Correction. Our plan will accomplish this goal in three phases; Phase I involves mailing vital information, and “Three Strikes” Survey by US Mail,  rallies and promote register to vote. 


Phase II will launch CATS (LAW)’s ad campaign to inform Californians outlining and exposing the true issues surrounding California’s current “Three Strikes” Law, airing ads on California radio, cable, and network television stations. 


Phase III involves information rallies register to vote rallies.



Our goal is to educate Californians about California’s “Three Strikes” Law and its affect on the use of California tax dollars.  In order to do this, we need your help to get vital information to Californians.



We will use the requested funds for program operation, which includes, mailing printed vital information to 36 million Californian registered voters, surveying California registered voters asking them if they’re for or against California’s “Three Strikes” Law, transportation & lodging , radio & television commercials advertising, printing, employee staffing, celebrity talent, and documentary film of actual “Three Strikes” stories, which will be used in our media campaign to maximize the efficiency of the CATS (LAW) plan. We estimate our campaign to cost approximately eighteen plus million dollars ($18.9M).



We will know our project is successful when Californians are fully educated about California’s “Three Strikes” Law.