CATS (LAW) Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to rally Californians with vital information. Focally, our objective is to expose the issues surrounding California's “Three Strikes” Law, to empower the people of California with logistic and financial facts. We believe our work will provide focused information for a huge number of Californians who are uninformed about this issue. The CATS (LAW) Organization has made available statistics for Californians to be armed with the whole truth, information to become knowledgeable to make informed voting investments “FOR” or “AGAINST” proposed measures and programs, specifically California “Three Strikes” Law.

  CATS Learning Center Mission

CATS (LAW) Inc. instituted the CATS Learning Center for children and adults to improve reading skills and training to become technically skilled for job placement. CATS Learning Centers offer preventive learning programs to prevent literacy and prisons. CATS Learning Center requested a tem of educators to serve the need for solution after U. S. Department of education l inks literacy to prison. CATS team of educators developed programs to offer a curriculum to equip the student with a planned program designed for succeeding in the work place oppose to failing in prison.


CATS(LAW) Acting Board Members

CW Smith               President and Chief Executive Officer

Liz Lissin                Chief Financial Officer

Faith Otis               Corporate Executive Secretary

Laurence Magee       Executive Secretary

Steve Glaeser          Director of Research & Reporting

Gina Diaz Director of Spanish/Latin Affairs

CATS(LAW)'s Organizing 501( c)(3)Filing

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CATS (LAW)'s 501(c)(3) IRS Determination

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