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Richard Allen Davis
is a convicted rapist and murderer . This criminal is a violent, heinous, serious offender. In 1993-94 advertising campaigns for "Three Strikes" proposed initiative at that time, profiled his crimes as those qualified and intended for mandated “Three Strikes” sentences. His criminal record was used to market and fuel support for passage of  " Three Strikes” proposed initiative, to "Three Strikes" Law . At that time his most recent crime was the murder of 12-year old Polly Klass in northern California. Richard Allen Davis was a serious threat to society and model example for serious, violent, heinous criminals voters originally intended “Three Strikes” mandated sentences be applied.

Below are petty criminals, who commited non-violent, non-serious crimes. Mandated "Three Strikes" sentencinc has unjustly sentened them to death, which is twenty five years to life. 


Rene Landa