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Featured program Succeeding in the work-place”

Work Ethic Training, To Gain Employable Skills

CATS (LAW) instituted the CATS Learning Center as a solution after U. S. Department of education linked literacy to prison. Our programs offer preventive learning to literacy, gangs and prisons. CATS Learning Centers serves the need of California communities by touring statewide to the heart of communities to meet the point of need with our learning center programs and a day of career planning. Our Career Day program offer a curriculum to equip the student with a planned program designed for succeeding in the work place oppose to failing in prison. Free to the general public.

Integrity and ethics are a part of good work habits. Skilled workers with good work habits have opportunities to excel in any occupation or work-place. Technical skills are important, however today's employers look for reliable employees with the ability to communicate effectively, work on a team, resolve conflicts, confront ethical dilemmas and manage their time in an effective manner. Employers look for these skills to delegate leadership employment.

Parents and teachers who demonstrated good character and accountability mentor young adults and high school students by example. Students, who learn the importance of being reliable, usually practice these skills as principle work ethic for school work. Programs offered by CATS learning Center enhance students with professionalism and trained skills to apply to an occupation upon entering the employment arena.

Our Response To The Need

CATS Learning Center developed its “CAREER DAY” Program with the assistance of employers, designed to connect employment seekers with employers and to educate the student with information on work-place protocol, acquiring employment and successfully staying employed. This workshop is most beneficial for first time job seeker, high school student and/or those honing skills to re-enter the work-place.

CATS program offers workshop seminars for “Succeeding in the work-place. CATS Career Day curriculum offers a one day event seminars in English and Spanish “Succeeding in the work-place” seminar will begin at 10: am and end 12:00 pm, then repeats from 1:30 pm until 3:30 pm repeated at 1:30pm until 3:30 pm in Spanish. This event will place sponsors, employment seekers, job posting, and human resource representatives, employers, career recruiters and vital information seminars together for a day of career planning with entertainment and a live music concert to close the day.

CATS Learning Centers also offers and presents “Succeeding in the work-place” program in a six week classroom setting with computer training included in the course.

Classes are located on designated University Of Phoenix campus. This program offers good information for good employees to become excellent employees, offering technical computer training and management training. In this program, students receive information to illuminate a pathway to understand exactly what employers want from their employees. Students also receive information about employers rating system for rating employee's performance level.

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CATS Learning Center developed Career Day as a preventive program to gangs, prison and literacy. Direction and Career planning is a solution to build sustainable self-reliant communities with guidance and positive views for our young. The development of our program is by a team of educators and employers offering skills training to equip the student with the tools necessary to succeed in the work place as a business professional, as opposed to failing in prison.

Focus outline topics covered in this program are the following:

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