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How often do you give donations or volunteer your time for work to better our society?
Always   Most of the time   Rarely   Never  


How likely are you to study initiative measures and vote in future elections?
Very Likely   Somewhat Likely   Not Likely  


Have you participated in any of the following rally activities?
Volunteering time at a local rally or charitable fundraiser
Making phone calls from a phone bank
Organizing an event or fundraiser in my home or community
Going door-to-door in my neighborhood


How closely have you followed California's "Three Strikes" Law?
Very closely   Closely   Somewhat Closely   Not at All


Did you vote on California's "Three Strikes" Law in 1994?
Yes   No   Unsure  


How optimistic are you that California's "Three Strikes" Law will be amended in 2010?
Very Optimistic Optimistic Not Very Optimistic Pessimistic  



Do you believe that California’s "Three Strikes" Law is cruel and unusual, unfair, unjust punishment for non-violent, non-serious offenders, only lining the pockets of prison's big business profits?
Yes   No   Unsure  



Would you sign a petition and become a contributing member of CATS (LAW) to amend California’s “Three Strikes” Law ?
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The Department of Corrections reports California's current annual spending to house and medically care for one non-violent, non-serious inmate is as much as $175,000 annually ($14,583.33 monthly.) The average cost is about $45,000 annually ($3,750.00 monthly.) Were you aware California taxpayer dollars support this high cost for prison terms rather than community-based solutions to build sustainable, self-reliant rehabilitation programs for non-violent inmates?



Which issues would you like your tax dollars impacting and focusing on if we are to grow as the great State of California that we are? Please rank the following issues from 1-15 based on their importance to you, with “1” being the most important.


Social Security

California Prisons


Ethics in Government


Health Care

Reproductive Rights

Energy Policy

Civil Rights/liberties

Homeland Security



Gay Marriage

Community Programs


Thinking about California's growth in 2008-2010, which of the following strategies do you think is key to reforming California's "Three Strikes" Law so that it affects only VIOLENT AND/OR SERIOUS CRIMINALS, saving California taxpayers billions of dollars?

Supporting grassroots efforts like the initiative process to qualify California's "Three Strikes" Law for amended reform in 2010.
Devoting more resources to radio and television ads that reach the most voters with the truth about California's "Three Strikes" Law, and how it benefits prisons with big business profits.
Ensuring that California voters are informed about the high cost of "Three Strikes" mandated sentencing, billed to taxpayers while imposing injustices on weaker human beings.
Californians need to invest in all of the above strategies to grow as a state "by the people, for the people," making right what is clearly wrong.


Throughout California's 478 cities and 58 counties, CATS(LAW)- Californians to Amend Three Strikes Law must strengthen its membership and contributions to inform Californians of the true problems with its "Three Strikes" Law. What is your opinion of California's "Three Strikes" Law?

I support it. However, I believe Californians need to reform the law to apply only to violent, heinous criminals, not petty criminals.

I oppose it. Let's get rid of California's “Three Strikes” Law totally, and allow pre-existing California laws, judges and juries to impose sentencing by California rule of law, not by mandate.

I oppose it. It's cruel and unusual punishment, and mismanagement of taxpayer's dollars. To sentence a petty drug user, and/or petty thief to the same sentence as a murderer, twenty-five years to life, at the minimum term cost to taxpayers of $1,125,000.00 per inmate is not prudent spending.


How likely do you think it is that those gaining big business profits and benefits from California's “Three Strikes” Law will launch smear campaigns against the proposed “Three Strikes” Reform Act of 2010?

Very likely Somewhat likely Not likely


If you could choose between spending $1,125,000 (or more) to house a petty criminal for twenty-five years to life, or compel by law that non-violent, non-serious petty criminals serve a sentence equal to the crime committed, and complete skills training and healthcare rehabilitation programs during their sentence, costing approximately $25,000, which would you choose?

Spend whatever it takes to house petty offenders for twenty-five years to life

Invest $25,000 in rehabilitation programs, saving billions in tax dollars

No opinion


How concerned are you that California's “Three Strikes” Law enslaves our weaker human beings for the gain of prison's big business profits?

Very concerned
Somewhat concerned
Not concerned


What is your main source of news and information about initiative measures that could potentially become California law prior to voting for it or against it?
Talk radio
News magazines


What is your opinion of your source of information about California's “Three Strikes” Law?

Biased in favor of California's “Three Strikes” Law, and neglected to cover the initial initiative

Biased against California's “Three Strikes” Law, and adequately exposed the true facts about it

No bias in favor of California's “Three Strikes” Law, or against it; coverage has been fair

No opinion/Not sure


If you could offer one piece of advice to CATS(LAW)-Californians to Amend Three Strikes Law, what would it be? Please use the space below to write your comments.

To help our organization correct the problems with California's “Three Strikes” Law, and save California billions of taxpayer dollars while rehabilitating non-violent petty criminals who are in much more need of healthcare and/or job skills training rather than prison, will you join CATS (LAW)-Californians to Amend Three Strikes Law as a contributing member today?
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