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CATS (LAW) Request of Members

  • Strive to financially support our cause with an initial twenty five ($25.00) contribution or more and volunteer your time if you so desire.
  • Attend CATS (LAW) calender events when your schedule permits.
  • Provide CATS (LAW) with your contact information to receive monthly emails.
  • Complete CATS (LAW) survey “FOR” or “AGAINST” “amending California’s “Three Strikes” Law.
  •  Spread the word to family and friends about the CATS (LAW) mission and information sources. Invite others to view our website.

We appreciate those who desire to contribute one time larger contributions or any at all.

CATS (LAW) Services to Members

  • CATS (LAW) supplies it members with vital up to date information about issues that affect California communities and specifically California’s “Three Strikes” Law.
  • The CATS (LAW) cause is to educate Californians to make informed decision “FOR” or “AGAINST” “Three Strikes” Reform in 2010.
  • The CATS (LAW) plan includes information sources to include surveys, videos, rallies, call banks, door to door canvassing, “Three Strikes” documentary and printed literature.

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