Our agenda is to unite in group and bring changes to reform the law of California “Three Strikes”.

This Web site is to serve as a resource for events, information and how you can help amend the California Three Strikes Law.

This information is very important, provides us the wisdom to grow and improve the quality of our lives. When we are ready with vital resources we can participate in the process of the people – for the people.

CATS (LAW) Rally Mission

CATS (LAW)  (Californians to Amend Three Strikes Law) is coming to your town to rally for justice. Our mission is to illuminate the injustice against petty criminals ensnared by slavery, sentenced to excessive 25 years to life prisons sentences for the economic purpose of servitude generating trillions for prison big business profits. We’re praying for change in circumstance for the innocent, rallying for reform in the law for those sentenced to unfair prison terms.

We respectfully request that you carefully review the seriousness of our work to protect human rights, freedom and equality. Please consider joining with us in a movement for correction of the injustice found in California’s “Three Strikes’ Law.

More than a decade ago referendum submitted an ideomotored measure for vote to Californian’s that we’ve come to know as California “Three Strikes” Law. Since that time California discovered problems with the law, specifically petty criminals are enslaved to receive the same 25 years to life sentences as those who commit Violent, Serious or Heinous crimes.

California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850, since that time we have grown with technology and prudent wisdom to become one of the greatest sates in the union. History reveals many cases where generations of Californians before us discovered problems in California policy. Change was eventually achieved, but not without adversarial objection.

Today Californians have discovered injustice within California’s “Three Strikes” Law. We must believe that we can correct injustice that sets up shop disguised as a good law, or any other form that ratifies and/or qualifies injustice against any human people. The first step to change is the unified field of awareness operating for growth, uplifting inspiration and affirmation for change or correcting what is wrong or unjust.

Please join us. co-laboring alike, to inform Californians to make informed voting decisions. I’m excited about real community based solutions to build sustainable, self-reliant communities that unite us, not divide us.


My Happy Clients

I am a 45 year old Hispanic and my case is a simple one. On January 19, 1995, I voluntarily turned myself in to my parole officer seeking help for my drug addiction. He told me he would get me into a 30 day program at the California Institution for Men at Chino. When he took me to the Riverside County Jail for transportation to Chinothe booking officer found on my person 0.25 gram of heroin with a street value of $10. The District Attorney picked up my case, and struck me out. I had no history of violence or weapons. My previous cases were for non-violent burglaries.
David is currently serving a California “Three Strikes” sentence. He is serving twelve (12) consecutive twenty-five-years–to–life sentences in California’s Ironwood State Prison; for a total prison term of three (300) hundred years to life, for the crime of grand theft.David stated he made random telephone calls from the Yellow Pages to twelve victims asking for money as he pretended to be a relative. Between the twelve victims he collectively received seventeen thousand dollars. David admits this was wrong; he returned ten thousand dollars to the victims, and agreed to repay the remaining seven thousand dollars.David further states during that time of his life he wasn't mentally, or physically healthy; “My total existence was driven by my heroin addiction, an illness that grew out of control. I apologize for my actions. At that time I was sick. Without drugs I'm a different person. However, at no time in my life, have I been violent, or threatened the life of another human being. My prison sentence for grand theft under California's “Three Strikes” Law removed me from society for the rest of my natural life. This is unjust and cruel punishment. I just needed help with my drug addiction.